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Poor Impulse Control
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by P_I_C
Hi *cough* my name is Jason Vorhees... i made this list see, it's of all the people i killed and i'm trying to make ammends... ah geez.... come on Jason remember the steps.. Ok, see i killed your son.
But i don't understand, the police told me his head was knocked off, something about a freak accident on a rooftop...
He was the boxer right? In manhattan? It was... well you see i got mixed into the wrong crowd, i fell off a sit and spin and onto a mountain of PCP.. really, it's *sigh* it's just a long story...
Oh fun! I love sit and spins! That's what i used to call my old boyfriend! Hmm... i wonder whatever happened to Derek i should call him...
Um.. hello? Are you listening to me? Killed your son, punched his head off, caused grief, loss, and probably a closed casket... Anything?
Oh look! A puppy! C'mere puppy! I'ma getchoo! I'MA GETCHOOO!!!!
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