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I am a confused, recylcling rat of a teenager. ICQ# 76399270 email: poopachuse@msn.com
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by Poopachuse
A few days later...
That acid didn't do what I thought it would. It's all worn off, and now I just feel even ****ter about living in two dimensions.
Give it time, man. Half of the whole LSD experience is trippin' Just wait a while, man.
Trippin? I've never heard of that. What is that?
Oh you'll know when it comes, man.
A few MINUTES later...
And so I says to Alice, I says: "Don't you go eating that funky fruit, or we just might have a midget on our hands." *teeheehee* I can smell your eyeballs.
Damn you're a lightweight, man.
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