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I am a confused, recylcling rat of a teenager. ICQ# 76399270 email: poopachuse@msn.com
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by Poopachuse
Um, all-powerful puppy guy, I'm a representative of his almighty Lord Satan. We need to talk.
Speak freely, my firey friend.
You know that stunt you pulled, killing Jesus and eliminating all hope for the majority of the Occidental human race?
Yes, that was a good show my friend. Jesus will have a heck of a time resurrecting from that pile of ashes and nails!
Let's hope Satan has upgraded from his old Apple II's
Yeah, Satan wanted to know if you happened to take any polaroids, strictly for insurance reasons.
Polaroids? Haven't you heard? Genocide has gone digital, my friend. I have it all on my new Pentax 5mp Imaging and 5x Optical Zoom camera. Just get me a computer with Quicktime and a USB port.
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