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"Made me laugh way more than I should have!" -atomiclunch

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Little known fact about stripcreator.com...
Brad keeps the prefab characters in a small storage area in his basement, where they wait for their turn to appear in a comic.
(Unfortunately, some characters wait a lot longer than others...)
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Hatrix says:

I love this! Back stories are the best :D
posted Sep 25th, 2007 ( permalink )

Aylear says:

Nooo! Wisdom Spaniard!
posted Apr 9th, 2009 ( permalink )

Makin_d_bacon says:

He keeps ragu4u's deleted comics there too....damn him!
posted Jun 3rd, 2017 ( permalink )

four_legged_tripod says:

Are you going to enter this one in your current contest?
posted Apr 24th, 2019 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

No. I'd be guaranteed to win my own CC. Not fair.
posted Apr 24th, 2019 ( permalink )

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