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"Made me laugh way more than I should have!" -atomiclunch

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What do you think?
You have a poster of Gal Gadot above your bed... Nice!
I whack off to it every night!
Where did you find a half-nude photo of her?
I flew to Israel, found out where she lives, snuck into to her bathroom, hid behind the shower curtain, and when the opportunity presented itself, I snapped the pic!
By the strained look on her face, she must be ****ting one major turd!
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Makin_d_bacon says:

Ever hear of "Waiting For Godot"?
posted Jun 1st, 2018 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

Heard of it? I read the book and saw the play. Samuel Bsckett
posted Jun 1st, 2018 ( permalink )

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