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"Made me laugh way more than I should have!" -atomiclunch

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Circa two years ago:
Hey, Rags... It's Brad from stripcreator.com.
Oh, hey, Brad... What brings you to my humble abode?
I got your email requesting I delete all of your comics. I found the email so unbelievable, I decided to ask you in person if you really want me to do that...
Yes, please do... I've been watching The 700 Club these last few days and I've decided to give my life to the Lord! Those comics are a reminder of my sinful past.
Maybe, I should just archive them for awhile just in case this is a phase you're going through, yes?
This isn't a phase, Brad. I want you to delete them now... Jeez, you act like I'd be regretting this decision in a week or so!
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