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Based on an idea I got from andydougan I'd like to post a Dramatis Personae. But since I don't know those words I'm just going to introduce the


Jon -- idiot savant occasional super hero and main character. He longs for romance while women long for him to go away. Terribly original I know.
Jim -- cowboy and pervert Jim enjoys abusing those weaker than himself. He has a soft spot for pedophilia.
Tataki -- Jon's main love interest. She's cute violent and totally uninterested in sex or romance.
Cowdjinn -- Jon's best friend a pink cow who lives chained in his closet.
Samantha -- demonic sub-creature and the only female friend Jon has.
Earl -- a spiritual pilgrim Earl wanders the earth looking for truth.
Sanna -- Jon's other roommate & the only normal person around
etc. -- damn; out of space

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by Scyess
Gee, Jim, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm leaving you for another guy. That's him right behind me.
What, girl? What's he got that I h- ...
Hi there.
Can you believe that guy? I'm sorry about that outburst... calling you a "Jew," "celebate," "holier-than-thou..."
Um, yeah. Forget it. Say, my sweet, why don't we go over to that water fountian and have some wine?
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