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Based on an idea I got from andydougan I'd like to post a Dramatis Personae. But since I don't know those words I'm just going to introduce the


Jon -- idiot savant occasional super hero and main character. He longs for romance while women long for him to go away. Terribly original I know.
Jim -- cowboy and pervert Jim enjoys abusing those weaker than himself. He has a soft spot for pedophilia.
Tataki -- Jon's main love interest. She's cute violent and totally uninterested in sex or romance.
Cowdjinn -- Jon's best friend a pink cow who lives chained in his closet.
Samantha -- demonic sub-creature and the only female friend Jon has.
Earl -- a spiritual pilgrim Earl wanders the earth looking for truth.
Sanna -- Jon's other roommate & the only normal person around
etc. -- damn; out of space

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by Scyess
Mr. Oblivious meets the Non-Sequitur Donkey
I don't know what the big deal about the "economy" is. *I* still have plenty of money.
US currency is black and green, but other countries use different colors!
Or do I? Maybe the money I have is the wrong color.
Things that aren't in color are called black and white, even though there's also gray!
Instant friends, their first conversation lasted for four days. Thankfully, you only have to read three panels of it.
Wait a minute... where am I??
Gray dresses are pretty. I was young and pretty once... but never gray. Say, is that a jar of mustard?
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