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Launches-Fish-Out-of-a-Cannon Man

This is where Jon's superhero side was born. I like the concept of the character, but I don't think stripcreator is very clear when I try to represent fish flying around at high speeds. LFOoaC Man makes occasional appearances from here on. Also check out my Trouble series.

by Scyess
My god! A dead fish in my bed! That means I'm going to be hit by the mafia! I'm doomed!
Zzzz...*! What? What the hell's all that noise!
Wait... it's not a dead fish, it's a live fish. A live TALKING fish... that means something else, I think...
It means I'm trying to sleep, bonehead! Keep it down and turn off the lights!
An OBNOXIOUS talking fish. What the heck kind of fish are you, anyway?
A red snapper, of course.

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Launches-Fish-Out-of-a-Cannon Man

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