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Half Full An epic tale of sex, hate, love, lies, deception, drug abuse, and pumpkin pie in a small town. The Main Characters : Johnny - A young man with big dreams. Drama queen to the max. Tina - Johnny's on-again, off-again girlfriend. A little off-kilter. Jeff - Johnny's pain in the ass little brother. Clarence and Edna - Johnny's parents. Yes, they're typical parents. Rocky - Owns the local video store that Johnny works at. Total pervert. Matt - Johnny's best friend, and his worst enemy. Michelle - Tina's best friend, and her secret lesbian lover. Rasheed - The only black man in town. Thinks he's white. Sam - Rasheed's buddy. White guy who thinks he's black. The Cat and The Dog - Johnny's pets. Special Guest Stars who will appear from time to time : George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, The Grim Reaper, Cher, Satan, Jesus, and The Asian Girls.
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by Smartass
I'm getting kinda hungry...Wanna go to Wendy's?
Sure. Burning rage increases my appetite.
Do you have any money?
If you don't have any money why did you ask me to go to Wendy's?
BECAUSE I'm hungry and broke?
I should've stayed home. You piss me off more than my parents do.
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