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Half Full An epic tale of sex, hate, love, lies, deception, drug abuse, and pumpkin pie in a small town. The Main Characters : Johnny - A young man with big dreams. Drama queen to the max. Tina - Johnny's on-again, off-again girlfriend. A little off-kilter. Jeff - Johnny's pain in the ass little brother. Clarence and Edna - Johnny's parents. Yes, they're typical parents. Rocky - Owns the local video store that Johnny works at. Total pervert. Matt - Johnny's best friend, and his worst enemy. Michelle - Tina's best friend, and her secret lesbian lover. Rasheed - The only black man in town. Thinks he's white. Sam - Rasheed's buddy. White guy who thinks he's black. The Cat and The Dog - Johnny's pets. Special Guest Stars who will appear from time to time : George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, The Grim Reaper, Cher, Satan, Jesus, and The Asian Girls.
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by Smartass
Tina, what are you doing here? I tried calling you, but...
I thought I'd take a walk. Mom and Dad were ****ing me off.
Through the graveyard though? That's kinda morbid.
Well, the way things are going, I'm gonna need a couple for my Mom and Dad when I kill them.
You're weird.
Shut up, or you'll be next on the headstone shopping list.
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