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image I was also Bogart for a short while.

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by Spankling
Peter found Holobabe humping all manner of beasts down on earth and has trasported her back to the mothership.
Damn you Peter! I was half-way to having enough money to upgrade my projectors!
You are being emotional. And you smell like a sewer. What have you been doing?
Me? Oh nothing much. Say, you got a keypad I can use? I gotta adjust the parameters of my ass. It's been taking a beating.
... ? ...
After watching our heroin adjust herself, Peter is so shaken he blasts Holobabe back to earth and the life she loves.
Sweet, sweet home!
Flap your arms and peck the floor for me, baby! This chick's so hot her eggs are hard-boiled! I'm gonna shoot my giblets!
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The Adventures of Holobabe

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