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by Spankling
My father and minister conspired to hire a prostitute to chaperone a sleepover in our church one summer night when I was about 13.
I can't believe this is happening!
So young and tender... I could make him do just about anything!
They chose her well. She had an outrageous body and showed up wearing a thin white blouse with a black lace bra underneath.
There are, like, 7 other guys on this sleepover. Where did they go?
I'll just separate this one from the herd and have a little fun.
She wanted us to screw under the cross on the alter, but that weirded me out too much. So I spent the night wrestling and spanking her in the youth room.
Damn! My_hands_are_raw from_slapping_her_ass! How am I ever gonna jerk off after this?
Come on boy! Put your arm into it!
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