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image I was also Bogart for a short while.

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by Spankling
o/` Come and meet those dancing feet on the avenue I'm takin' you to - Forty-second Street. Hear the beat of dancing feet. It's the song I love the melody of - Forty-second Street...o/`
o/` Little nifties from the fifties - Innocent and sweet. Sexy ladies from the eighties who are indiscreet - OH! They're side by side, they're...o/`
STOP! People! Are you phoning this in?!? Where is the passion and excitement I saw last night (especially from you Gilbert)? Rafael, get me a latte and some codeine.
Yes sir Mr. D.A.12-Q! Right away!
Girlfriend, I don't know how you put up with it. You're never going to recreate the magic you had with those boys back on Earth.
I know. Gabe was a swell dancer (and so willing). But I've got to believe that a group of superior beings can match the hoofing and glitz of those monkey-boys. I must keep trying!
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