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by Spankling
Martha begins her day with a brisk workout in her manicured garden.
No one ever suspects that I keep this ancient Greek stone milepost polished by doing squat-thrusts on it every day at sunrise!
By noon she has completed an inventory of her hobby tapes, glues, stones, hooks, tweezers, lubes…
I told you to order more 1 inch red gardeners tape yesterday! That's it! I'M CALLING IMMIGRATION!!!
Time to go. No crazy white ***** poon tonight.
In the evening she relaxes with a hired friend or two.
That will be all Gabe. You have been... adequate. Bring me the fire poker before you go.
Yes’m. Say, how do you keep your ass smelling like lavender with just a hint of orange? I wanna try it on my donkey.
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