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by Sucaballuc
After a two year hiatus Derek and Kathy meet on the streets of New Orleans.
Hey Kathy! Long time no......DAMN! You got ugly!
Oh hey Derek. Nice to see you, I am just doing my rounds here at the French Quarter
Halfway through the convesation Derek tells Kathy about the time he attempted to visit her in New Orleans anyway I was rapping on the door and I heard a strange growling, and as soon as I looked up to see what it was, Mud jumped through an open window and bit Broos on the ankle...
Oh my god! I am sooooooo sorry, Doug must have left the window open or somthing.
And finally the truth is revealed........unfortunatly without a punchline.
Eh, its okay. We broke in and stole all Doug's "Chrono" paraphernalia to ease our mental anguish.
Whoa! That was you guys? He was mighty was the only time I have ever seen him cry like a pansy girl.
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