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by TheGovernor
We try to be a green company around here, this building is actually powered entirely on bull****
Damn, the power's out, quick say something that's totally bull****
America's private insurance based healthcare system is clearly a better funding model than western Europe's socialised system
Great work, that should keep us going 'till noon
Ever thought of simply popping a tv in the corner with Fox News on?
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comments on this comic


ragu4u says:

HATER!!!!!! Long live John Gibson! WHAT?!?!
posted Nov 12th ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

In THIS country, "socialised" is spelled with a Z. Got it, Eurotrash? USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!
posted Nov 12th ( permalink )

Murica says:

I think we might have a winner.
posted Nov 12th ( permalink )

brycekain says:

I laugh cause it's true.
posted Nov 12th ( permalink )

RedfeatheR says:

posted Nov 20th ( permalink )

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