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Unknown Eric is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a comforter. Unknown Eric never taunts happy fun ball. Unknown Eric shaved his breakdancing beard AND his cabbage patch-ing sideburns but his mustache has learned the lambada. Unknown Eric once ate an oak tree on a dare. Unknown Eric's mutant power is turning off streetlights with his mind.

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by UnknownEric
Hello, Gwendolyn. I suppose you're back seeking forgiveness for your numerous infidelities and indiscretions with other men... those with Scottish accents, kilts and a thing for bagpipes.
Actually, I have a favor to ask you. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness for what I have done and frankly, I don't care. Francis is a much better lover than you ever were, but I need something.
Ha! I will not give you anything, you devious harlot. Lure me in with your beauty and charm, only to run around on me at every possible chance. I am a shell of a man because of you, Gwennie.
No, you're a shell of a man because you spend your days and nights obsessing over used Atari cartridges and the discography of Game Theory. Come out into the real world sometime, Glen.
Bah! I must flout my individuality and my love of retro chic to show the world that I am a nonconformist. Leave now before I pelt you with Go-Bots, you mainstream wench.
Jeez. Fine then, I'll go borrow Ginny's sex swing.
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