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by Violator
This week on the East Wing, watch as the president deals with stick issues.
I think the letterhead is all wrong, Cheney-o. I want that dubyah printed in 24 point font. I'm not mah daddy!
I'll get right onto it, George Bush, sir. Uh, dubyah, sir! The leader of the free world is not his daddy's boy, I'm right on it, sir!
Watch our loved characters as they battle life's ups and downs.
That ****ing flogbag Cheney... going and having another ****ing stroke. He's had more strokes than Clinton got from Monica.
I heard that you sissy cowboy...aaauh! My heart, my heart!
Meanwhile, back in China
I show Dubyah impressive missile. No yankee Star Wars mess me up. Unless it Ken Star. Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Cause i'm TNT Oi! Oi!
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