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by Violator
The year is 2002. Pokemon has grossed $34 billion for Nintendo. Time, however is running out for the franchise, as new Pokemon concepts are hard to find.
Hey kids! Meet ANUSMON, whose power over bad smells gives him mastery over Earth!
Poofa poofaaaaaa!!! I fart in your general direction!!!
Inspiration has run out for all but a few mindless Nintendo wages slave programmers.
Hey, they wouldn't allow Pussychew or Choadymion or Felchikon, so our creative team had to settle for Anusmon. Of course, I really like Rectimax here...
Brrrt. I am your l337 5h1T. Brrrt, my rhoids pain me. Take me to Pokecentral.
Meet the plot line developers, circa 2002. Do the maths on how Spigot gets his food. Food + Ass = Doc. Doc - food = into Spigot.
Oh, i like the work conditions. The padding is good, and that sloppy gruel they feed me ******, it feels pleasurably gooey.
Yes, my black artistic muse has flourished anew! The conditions are terrible, but I do like it when Doc here feeds me via regurgitation.
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