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by Violator
So, what is the best thing about chickens? Is it their willingness to suck your spam roll for $10?
Yeah, just swipe the card and it'll come right out of your account. Now zip down, beyatch.
Do you take American Express? I mean, I'm all outta cash, and all I have is plastic.
Is it their huge throat capacity or their over-riding lust for your man-meat?
Mmmmph...Mmmppphtt! *choke* Wow, you are a big man, Jon. Mmmm, let me lube it up with the Astorglide Cherry flavour. Oohhh yeahhhh.
Oh baby, yeah, take it you *****. you know you like it. C'mon, give me the sausage sizzle you feathered ****. Ohhhh...yeaaahhh.
Teeth marks: rare as hen's teeth.
GACHOKE-AHHH! *gargle* *spit*. Hmm, do you eat Asparagus, Jon, you really oughta try the lemon tea. Your spuzz tastes like week old socks.
Holy ****, that was awesome. I didn't feel a god damn tooth the whole time. You are the best **** **** I ever did see this side of Alabama. See you next week.
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