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by Violator
Meanwhile, in the bad side of the psychic vortex, two would-be allies have a falling out.
My psychic assault on the world will triumph before YOU can get the souls of these fleshless beings!! Your power over their lusts has turned them from you, they no longer fear you, nor I.
Shaddup or I'll *****slap you.
Threats are made...
Well, foolish icon of a dead religion, my space-based mind rays will crush your mind and show you the true visage of Yog Sothoth. Dagon will claim you! Now I go to devour the sanity of mortals! Ha ha!
Yeah, yeah, I'm quivering in my boots already.
Actions taken.
I want him dead before midnight. No witnesses, no cops, no flashy matrial-arts kung-fu bull****. Just dead, as in dead. Then we'll see about Dagon.
It shall be done as it is ordained. Swipe your visa card and I'll bill your account.
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