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My head hurts.
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by Whimsy
Somedays I really feel as if the world is conspired against me. Things start off well enough, though. I woke up this morning- in the morning, honestly! For the first time in over a month...
Anyway, I climb out of bed, life is good. For I know that in a little over 24 hours, I will have friends from school coming to visit. And we will talk, and start writing a story we brainstormed...
...last time we were together. For a moment, I forget the fact that I don't have a job. I forget the fact that I'm living in my parent's house, if only for the summer, with a vehicle and gas, but...
...nowhere to go, and no one to visit. So I get on the computer, and spend my whole day there, as I have done for most of this summer. But then, on the computer, I learn that some other friends...
...won't be returning to school next semester. And there is very little chance that I'll get the chance to see them- ever again. And, as if that wasn't depressing enough, the friends that were...
...supposed to come to see me tomorrow bail out, at around 10PM. So now I'm left with nothing to do, nowhere to go, until the end of the foreseeable future. Too bad I'm not the kind to *****.
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