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Mysted Walrus ver 2.0 - Mysted Walrus is a RELATIONSHIP BASED SERIOUS COMIC
The complete seasons for this comic are now included at the following locations:
Season One Season Two

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by WiLzzt
When I was looking through time in 3D grid land - you know, before you were reborn...
I saw two sides of the same man - one evil, and one good. And all roads led to the evil one killing us both. All roads except one. I saw that if I acted as though I could not make us young again...
...you would be motivated to come here and destroy the evil one.
You know you could have just asked. Now I'm jealous. _____________ Can i see you young just one more time before we go?
That jealousy is your weapon. Let's go now, and fight the evil one together! _____________ No.
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