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Mysted Walrus ver 2.0 - Mysted Walrus is a RELATIONSHIP BASED SERIOUS COMIC
The complete seasons for this comic are now included at the following locations:
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by WiLzzt
We had an argument and I realized that I was evil to begin with. My good side was stupid; obscenely so, and frighteningly forthright about it. When I saw him on television, I knew it had to end.
one... and two... and three... and four... and five... and six... and rest.... now the other leg!
one... and two... and look! We're sweating to the oldies! Your'e doing it... you're becoming mighty!
So I put him in the dungeon of stop signs, to save my faltering sanity.
May the world be rid of you once and for all. I am ashamed that my genetic material ever produced you.
And two... and three... ooh, look! a stop sign! Gotta stop!
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