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Mysted Walrus ver 2.0 - Mysted Walrus is a RELATIONSHIP BASED SERIOUS COMIC
The complete seasons for this comic are now included at the following locations:
Season One Season Two

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by WiLzzt
And so, Bauzaloozabub traversed the desert. The fleshy protuberance jutting from his scalp acted as a kind of sail, creating wind drag and sliding him across the desert sand with little effort.
In this way, Bauzaloozabub traversed the harsh climate of the desert. All the time, the wind drew him nearer to the oasis where he had spent so many summers as a young child...
...but he couldn't remember anything specific about his past. This was, in fact, because he had never been to the oasis in his life, and this was a false memory implanted by the man in the dark robe.
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