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Yunerz, Yuna. Whatever. I enjoy Coca-Cola, videogames, Weezer and summoning Bahamut.
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by Yuna
Hey there! Welcome to another edition of The Yuna Show! Tonight's bubbler is Vlakrodos! Hiya Vlak!
It's THE VLAK! Yes Yuna, THE VLAK/JESUS is glad to be on the show.
If I may say so, you have been held the title "chief newbie killer" for quite some time. Yet people have criticised you for going soft? Why is that?
Dude, it's not only my job! I'm just not on par with my flames as of late..Hey! Are you going to have Static on soon? Tell em i'm coming to visit in like 5 minutes!
Alright I guess I will let him know. Until next time folks, Reeses Pieces!
K. Can I say Morph sucks donkey dick on tv? You mean I just did? SWEET!
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