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Yunerz, Yuna. Whatever. I enjoy Coca-Cola, videogames, Weezer and summoning Bahamut.
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by Yuna
Greetings! Tonight's guest is Wut! Glad you could be on the show on such short notice!
Thanks Yuna for having me. I made sure to dress up just for the show!
I see, so what is it you like to do for fun besides posting on the Bubbleboard?
I party, go chill wit friends. I just recently dyed my hair red see! Pretty cool huh? Hey, you going to have keri on soon? I wanna see what she looks like in comic form. *wink*
Yes nice hair! Well we are out of time! Tune in next time when-um. Where did you get that sign?
It's homemade for whenever KWIK shows up.
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