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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
friday. collected $150 rent, spent $40 at a bar. hung out with jake, mike, kevin, greg, nemo, at the house. jake managed to knock over the seeds i planted, and i'm not sure what he's done 2 the wifi
the $40 was for a dancer named vegas. i'm met her before but hadn't caught her in lately. went ok.
turns out they went to a vegan fest nobody told me about. then we all went to a party and learned a new game, the bag game.
saturday: i made the corn, the potatoes, the garlic bread, the fruit plate, the mango lime drink. sylvie did the stir fry and we reheated last week's casserole. serve went ok.
xander and karl helped and a new girl who found us on facebook. they disappeared so i cleand up.
jake was suitably impressed. i also harbested okra, cukes and collard from my garden.
sunday: my plan is to go get jake and show him the co-op. this place is what he and i used to talk about having something like this.
then he wants me to come up to wisconsin with him but i probably wont.
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arbi says:

monday: exce4pt for bath and coffee, i didnt get out of bed today.
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