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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
tuesday i think is when i booked the kansas city screening. spent 3 hours at a cattle call job interview got called up last. came home with a full car of groceries from west side spots.
went to my tuesday night club but she wasn't there so went to other club.
wednesday 3 hours cleaning my room and the pantry, 1/2 hour at least on phone, booked a screening monday in baltimore. 1 hour driving around with brian looking at houses for tomorrow's auction.
tommy helped w cleaning. i did dishes laundry took out trash. 2 beers at club w brian. nice chat w sister in law who may be manic this week.
club $20, bought fone minutes $45.
made a 9 item list, some stuff i didnt get done but productive day. 11 egg cheese omelet.
much room cleaning still to do but good start. watched a couple movies with that teen wolfe 2 actor from arrested development.. jason bateman after catching his wtf podcast w mark maron.
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