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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
been a good day so far. it was just me and xander cooking, then jim came by to help with the serve. i washed most of the dishes, nobody else is home.
we went and looked at the church we want to buy. I see 17 rooms that can be bedrooms, and 3 large spaces for um activities.
The most important thing we learned is that the church that owns it now would give us a 1 year owner financing arrangement.
That's risky, because we could lose our down payment if at the end of the year we still dont have a loan, but it's a way we can go forward. So I'm excited and happy.
I stopped by a club, found 15 pounds of granola and some firewood, came home did the dishes, blogged a little.
Might or might not go out tonight, might or might not pack for my trip, might or might not clean my room a bit more.
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