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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
monday joe and i missed each other for our 2 pm meeting at a rental house we co-own. but i met with kc and helped him move a pile of computers and talked over some stuff.
coffee at the neidhammer coffeehouse then back home where i'm watching season 2 of hannibal. finished season 2.
tuesday night i start driving towards texas, for a memorial service for my father's older sister. his younger older sister just got moved over to the alzheimer's wing of their retirement home. my dad
was the youngest of his family, and died around 20 years ago. my mom was the oldest, and her siblings are still alive.
23,933 + 51,063
i did another voter ID test at city hall and they flunked again, although they were politer about it.
about to hit 75000 meaningless reddit points.
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