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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
I had written out a list of all the stuff I was going to work on today,and I did get up early and do some cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom and my room, but then i ended up never leaving the house
didnt pay the bills, didn get my car worked on, didn't go through the mail still in my car. I guess it's time to get up have some coffee and get back to cleaning my room.
My room has two parts, a 10x10 room, then a closet with a window and sink and a shelf. So I've kind of made myself a nest in the closet, and store junk in boxes in the room. So today's chore was to s
start getting those boxes in better order.
went to a movie at the worker justice center, which is a former union hall we have the use of. movie about urban farms,and the filmmaker was there, on a panel with one of my roommates. good time had
by all. i drank too much coffee so now i'll be awake.
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