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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
today was good overall. i got little sleep last night. good dr visit, got there on time through the cold. basic tell my story to the dr chat, got signed up for welfare insurance plan, nice lady was
helpful. i have to swallow my pride and accept help if i'm going to be able to rake care of tommy. he's been sick in bed since we got back, except to get up to smoke. we talked a bit. po box, bank,
bath, dishes, then collapsed into reddit instead of writing memos, but i'm closer to starting them i think. tomorrow plasma maybe with bj if he gets up for it. rehearsing tuesday's set.
oh cough syrup is what i forgot at the dollar store.
i did plasma, made $25, then blew it on lawyer dues, $362. looked for jobs online at the government center. dropped off my birth cert at the welfare office and picked up my bank card that i lost
yesterday, which left me confused at the bank. i lose things. always have. i have calls to make but i'm about to pass out from no sleep. so i can wake up later to do a set tonight about being crazy.
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