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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
on saturday we had a good serve, then i went and staffed a table at a music festival at a park by the river, so that was fun. sunday i skipped the serve and went back to the music festival.
it wasn't an event i would have paid $70 for, but we had free tickets as volunteer vendors. my roommates'band, sweet poison victim, was the only band i liked. hot girls, good food, cute kids, friendly
people, everybody knew everybody. anyway i also got two yards mowed, looked at houses re the upcoming tax sale, checked out a vintage store, dumpster dived some late season tomato plants. dishes x 2
my new tenant is going to fix a leak in the basement so i'm giving him a month free rent. one of my other houses was broken into since we were there last.
tomorrow i drive up to waukegan for another try at getting into a study. $7000 this time. whoops that's not till tuesday, i have no plans for tomorrow. so i could make plans.
no one was home tonight. they probably went to a party without me. so i cleaned up a little, the place wash trashed from a hectic weekend.
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