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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
things i got done thursday: filled dumpster picked up yard rode bike put air in tires water plants AAA $72. talked to buck at buck's auto got cheapest tow truck $60 called where car is to make
sure still there interviewed by bloomberg news about gorsuch. they did not use my quotes, but it was nice to be asked. ended up not going out, took 6 hour break from chores. tommy made me dinner.
things i got done friday: car towed to bucks $60. it's an engine problem. estimate monday. maybe tomorrow. blogged. cleaned kitchen for an hour or two. worked on the basement room for about an hour,
pruned apple tree, planted more flowers, got that food i left near bucks. put away laundry. went to a club, rode bike there. found a pair of bow ties.
dumpster not full yet, filled trash barrel. did dishes, scrubbed pots. sorted the oil and vinegar cabinet. made cookies. made sweet potatoes. made drink. filled ice bucket. planted flowers and mullien
so i felt like i had a busy and productive day for a change.
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