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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
next panel tomorrow
so this is the first day of the second half of the study. it's all routine by now. stayed up all night drove to cincy, grits and coffee at a diner, got here on time.
mostly the same people, about 10 subjects 5 staff, one tv blaring horror movies and gangster stuff, everyone in one bedroom but with curtains around the bed.
tuesday, got injected, 4 blood draws so far.
wednesday, crazy 8s, chess, went outside, raked a little muck with my blogs. no real work done.
our county clerk beth, running for secretary of state, has been falsely accused of being a felon, and i'm the expert on why that statute is unconstitutional.
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arbi says:
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arbi says:

comment replyJake Gyllenhaal. AMA. from 411eli via /r/IAmA/ sent 7 minutes ago show parent Woah. I have so so many questions. First, it sounds like you've have many adventurers. Kudos. May I ask how you go from high up lawyer to being a waiter? contextfull comments (2069)reportmark unreadreply arbivark 1 point 4 minutes ago* i moved to indiana, first place i passed the bar. only had one interview for a law job, didnt get it, never got around to applying for more. opened the want ads, got a job at a produce warehouse for awhile. saved every other paycheck, bought a house. it was a juggalo party house for awhile, after i took in a roommate after he won a case in the supreme court about drug roadblocks. some odd jobs. went to work at the snow lion because i loved the food. applied as a dishwasher, wound up headwaiter instead. quit that to open a law firm for three years with my rich jewish hippy friend, but that crashed and burned. broke, jail, nervous breakdowns, got into what i do now, testing drugs for big pharma. had a blood draw an hour ago. jigme, my boss at the snow lion, got run over last year while marching for tibet. volunteering with food not bombs led me into this co-op. we are trying to buy an old church, more room for activities. this year i got relicensed as a lawyer, and maybe i'll get back to my struggle to make the internet safe for anonymous speech. one of my blogs. my life in comic form. permalinksaveparenteditdeletereply
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