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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
I got more than usual done today. Muffler repair and battery cable repair $220, took hours. Got car back home. Washed car. Got gas ($1.59 gallon). Went to a store i heard had a sale, bought nothing.
mowed a yard and a half before the mower smoked and a wheel fell off. did laundry. went over chores with dawn. went to club. spent time downtown, had coffee. took shower.
cleaned car and put away food. watered lawn. made list, checked it twice. didnt pay texas taxes. didnt update insurance or fill dumpster.
did not get with kc or go swimming or give dawn a written list. made ice. did not revise nebraska memo. did not pack for n dakota trip. pnc wasn't open. went to bank. so 16 things done.
monday: did not get out of bed.
3 productive days out of 7. left blank for sunday, plan to sleep in. will now put away laundry and make more ice and eat something.
sunday i didnt do much but met kc downtown and went to food not bombs. showed him the new house, he;s on board. dumpster dived a flat screen tv and 10 beers.
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