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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
saturday. Same old routine. Read a little, reddited a little, sent some emails, wrote a blog post. Looked at some real estate, made a phone call.
dinner was a cheese sandwhich and tomato soup again. the food here is good but getting monatonus. i got peppermint-chamomile today i think. now it's snack time. nuts, cranberry, herbal tea.
my roommate helen is coming in a couple of days. she's going to bum around town a bit then we'll drive back together, which might be great.
also group II left so i'll have my own bedroom now. my somali roomate likes to set the thermostat at 85 so he feels at home, and i don't, so he's moving next door.
i found benny and joon online which kat wanted to watch, and gave her the link while i was at it.
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