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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
wednesday i mostly watched californiacation. 6 seasons to go. so i wasn't out of bed or productive till 5, then i got stuff done till 10.
i did chores, vacuumed, did a little cleaning, charged my car battery at the store, moved 4 cars, took out my trash, picked up and dropped of laundry, took groceries to my other house, went to lowes
and bought roofing supplies, $70. made a little progress with xander on the argument weve been having for a month, not all is settled yet, which is related to why this has been a stressful depressing
week for me. still want to sort mail tonight, probably won't start the brief or clean my room.
friday: did not get out of bed.
tomorrow i could spend $80 and buy the 4 day pass to gencon. which would mean blowing off some other stuff, so i'll need to decide. for now, more tv.
thursday i didnt get much done. moved cars around, put new lights in the fridge, went to the bank.
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