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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
i've been sleeping badly, waking up at 5, which is not enough sleep so i try to get back to sleep and then get up at noon.
so starting at noon, i sorted the mail, went to the bank, bought phone minutes, paid our final utilities from no limits, checked my other bank balance, took my battery to the old house and tried to
get my car started but no luck. tightened up my battery cable which fixed the stalling problem on the one i'm driving, which also needs repaired. tom changed the locks so i couldnt get inside.
i made it back home, started dinner washed the dishes, counseled my roommate on her tax problem, discussed our messed up lives. my back hurts. dinner, bath, new list.
the mechanic i was going to get it towed to won't work on it, so i left a message for another guy. so that part of the day was frustrating, but i'm coping ok. did i mention the blizzard?
it was really more of a flurry, said the B-lizard.
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