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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
saturday i dragged dawn and tommy out of bed early enough to get to the clinic while it was open, but not soon enough to be seen by dentists today, so they have appointments for two weeks from now.
then tommy wanted to get his leather jacket tailored, so we drove up north, but they wanted $225 to fix a $20 jacket, so i dumpster dived a few places and we toured broad ripple and i fed the ducks
and bought barley at the health food store and came home and vegged out, and tommy gave me a haircut and now it's midnight and i;m eating french toast.
and we filled the dumpster with junk from the basement but tomorrow i have to put most of it back because the dumpster is full and we can't leave it in the yard.
and then i drive to kcmo. the car has an extra rumble it didnt used to have, slightly worrying, but i can't do everything at once.
especially when i blow all day on reddit. unseasonally warm for february. if it's this hot now, what will august be like?
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