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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
sunday, i rode my bike 5 miles in the sleet to look at a volvo. monday she sold it to somebody else. i am out of shape when it comes to riding a bike, then we had a work party to put plastic on the
windows. i had a couple drinks which might be why i didnt get out of bed monday. it's now tuesday and time to get up.
i missed a libertaian party meeting last night, didnt get the message til it was over. the keys on this laptop have gotten sticky so i have to do a ton of editing. tonight we're doing a screening on
homelessness and tomorrow there's a bar assoiation meeting. i'm snowed in and lethargic, not getting much done. i should switch batteries on the volvos so i can drive, if i can get the hood open.
i went upstairs to make coffee and did he dishes and cleaned the fridge and sorted the recycing.
nowi have to get off my ass again if i'm going to get the battery changed by dark.
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