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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark
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by arbi
i worked pretty hard today. got up around noon, spent an hour making lists, typed and printed my reinstatement letter, went downtown and got reinstated so i'm a lawyer again.
turned in the form for the criminal history but it wasn't ready so i came back but the office was closed, i was 3 minutes late, so they'll mail it.
they won't take cash, money orders only, which is what made me 3 minutes late. worst customer service i've seen in a long time. inelasticity of demand - they have a monopoly on what they sell.
some basement cleaning, vacuumed, took out trash, burned a little brush, chatted with the landlord's agent, sent an email, played phone tag with clinics in cincinatti.
tonight before sleep: move mattresses, email public access coordinator.
called mom for her 85th birthday, chatted about that time the senator came to our house, this was the senator that biden beat in 1972.
i made a key for my new mexican tenant,and collected $200 rent from the crackhead mechanic. i screen on monday so no club tonight. cleaned my room and built shelves.
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arbi says:

new to do list: move the volvo. minutes for kevin. burn branches. dig deeper hole for compost. mow that other yard. plan to take over mowing. switch mattresses. spray for bugs. joe paperwork taxes property tax appeal. find out date. clean basement, then clean back porch. scrap yard? go over maintenance issues with jeremy. work on housing co-op master plan. best buy put stuff in buckets, label buckets. find rice bucket, make rice. bring sesame butter, ac unit motion to abate fines. evansville filing. nasa. covance. check pra. kid needs clothes. make accounting for house expenses.
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