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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
dinner so far is rabe, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, real bread, a leftover mcrib, pound cake, microgreens, gas station coffee, forest mushrooms. leftovers.
it's friday. i was up in the middle of the night, so i did plasma and was going to scrap, an then start my day, but it was cold so i got into bed and turned on a podcast and woke up hours later.
i got in a few emails while bleeding into a tube, and stopped by the election division to see about my press credentials,
now that i have the hawaii tiickets, i could go back to looking for that texas loan company postcard, whch might be in this big box of mail.
i could still do laundry, which i did not get to last night. so i could make a new list and start a new day, even if it's dark soon. too late to scrap today
i have a bunch of crises going on, and it's hard to know where to start. i think i need to look over the llsts i have taped to the wall.
got email from a very distant relative, through the brother of my revolutionary war ankeny ancestor. caught three mice.
maybe i'll get up, make some soup, take a bath. nothing complicated. the most ambition task i can think of would be to clean the car, so i could load it for tomorrow. ok, i'm starting to remember 6
things i could do. sigh. it was snowing on the way home, and i don't have winter clothes sorted yet. so, chores, lists, laundry. i can make soup and clean the fridge at the same time, synergy.
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