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i am previously known as arbi. this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
$53 po box rent
i didn't get much done today. took tommy to a pawn shop for a new tv, which we are going to return. made angel hair w bacon for dinner. paid my po box rent and checked the mail.
put the recycling in the van but it was raining hard so didn't drop it off. quality time w tommy. sorted mail, figured out how to take pix on my chromebook. posted some to reddit.
looked up info on amazon warehouses back east. watched a bunch more nero wolfe episodes. revised my list. picked up trash in the yard.
tomorrow the plan is plasma, car repair, then the zoo on wednesday
i didn't call mom, do the laundry, or weed the garden. i did a new draft of my budget for the year to sort out if i need to open an ira if i go back to amazon, looks like yes.
so a quiet restfull rainy day.
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