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i am previously known as arbi. this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
today i did some minor chores while avoiding major ones.
i did laundry, dishes, vaccumed, changed another light bulb, took out the trash unloaded the car.
i didnt call tommy, call about studies, send that email to nebraska, or even make dinner for mom. took a bath. checked into two online bank bonuses, neither worked. it is taking 3 days for my deposit
to my broker to clear, so i missed buying an option on tesla on tuesday, the price moved back up.
one of these days i'm going to take a walk and go for coffee. not today, it was raining too hard. in delaware it rains a lot. this is the dry season and it's raining.
19 years ago 19 men won a great battle, and bush surrendered much of our freedom to them. i still fight that loss, in tiny ways, now and then.
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arbitrary says:

my latest skirmish is that they won't let me apply for a replacement passport without a birth certificate, which is completely pointless red tape. they already know i'm a citizen or i wouldn't already have a passport, the one that is now lost and expired. this is the kind of red tape that trump claims to be against.they want me to have a passport to vote or fly or buy a bible, but they make it needlessly difficult to get one. it's been like 5 years since i first applied for that replacement passport and i'm only a little closer.
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