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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
i'm back in indy for a day before i get back on the road tomorrow. i did the usual post office bank shopping run. my new credit card wasn't there yet so i might miss the $200 bonus.
but i put the $5000 in the bank, paid off my credit card, got a pocket full of $2 bills. oh yeah last night we took the dog for a walk in the rain for a mile.
i'm going to take heather, one of my hobo roommates, to cleveland tomorrow. it's onl;y about 150 miles out of my way. she's a friend of scotty, who pays $100/mo to use this place as his address while
he actually lives in a tent and trailer on one of my vacant lots that tommy sold him. i went out and looked at it today, he's done a great job of fixing it up.
one of my non-hobo former roommates, john malfa, just came by and we spent an hour catching up. my family is going to zoom tomorrow noonish then i will get on the road, that's the plan.
i gave tommy his xmas present of canvases and paints, and he got poseidon some dog toys. my xmas present to my siblings was to let them know of funds their state is holding for them, see details below
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arbitrary says:

so the way to find out if you have some secret free money is google your state and "unclaimed" and it'll bring up a search page. put in your name. good chance you have have a few dollars from an uncashed check. then you fill out some forms, send them in, wait a month and you get your check. next, look up your family and friends.
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