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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
tuesday i didnt get much done. po box, bank, walmart for mousetraps, found some groceries, came home.
i watched season 1 of ted lasso, which was pretty good. cheerful southerner coaches uk soccer team. fish out of water story.
oh i went to the pet store and looked at fish but didnt buy anything.
it's wednesday now. cold and rainy. shut windows and put out mousetraps. zoom meeting went well. waiting patiently on paperwork for amazon. i have seen at least two mice, killed #38 and 39 recently.
#40. i cooked a bit last night but my diet is mostly decaf coffee in bed online. off to the weed chuch shortly.
i submitted an op ed to the provicence journal that i'm sure they won't print.
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arbitrary says:

i just found out there's a season 2 of ted lasso! so that's my plan for the week. the op-ed is here:
posted Sep 22nd ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

sent the op-ed to 4 papers in r. i. got a box of groceries. loaded up the car with scrap metal. chased a possum out of the house. closed the windows. went to church, celebrated the autumnal equinox. talked to tommy. watched part of season 2. i need to wake up in time to take the scrap metal, plus write out my set in case i get to go up.
posted Sep 23rd ( permalink )

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