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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
tuesday i didnt get much done. wasted most of the day on reddit. but i made a passport appointment for tomorrow (so the alarm is set),
and i called the plasma centter which didnt answer, and i started sorting the piles of mail, which i'd been putting off. oh and i bought a headlight.
so this was 4 of the 12 items on my list, not very productive but better than nothing.
wednesday was bad. i skipped the passport appointment because i didn't have my docs ready. the irs wants $8k for 2012, first i've heard about it. i made about 8K in 2012. my computer broke, so i went
to walmart and got another. when i got home it had healed. $250 computer. $250 texas taxes. paid off 2 credit cards. 400? deposited $350. po box. library to print documents. gave some food to a home
less lady, box of food for me. shoes at walmart didnt fit right so i still need shoes. maybe i'll go to the auction tonight.
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arbitrary says:

paid my water bill $90. 5th 3rd chase $250 for the computer no $177, used the rest of the plasma card. texas taxes $250 5th 3rd. so just when i was all caught up, i owe again. went to insurance company to update new car info, they were closed. plasma place did not answer phone. haven't filled out passport forms yet. off to church i guess.
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