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Hi, I'm arsg, all my comics suck

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i'm telling you, lluks is a madman! a complete psychopath! he's the one who should be in here, this is all a misunderstanding! worst of all, he has... *choke* designs on my wife!
yeah yeah, listen bucko, i've heard it all before. half the guys in this cell block are mistaken for their evil twin.
wow. a disturbingly high number. and if you consider the fact that many men are too ashamed to come forward and report it, the actual numbers are likely much higher.
current estimates suggest that as many as eighty percent are mistaken for their evil twin
how can we fix this?
society is the thing that breeds these monsters. how do you fix society?
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evil_d says:

This whole series is great, but this strip is double great.
posted May 22nd, 2017 ( permalink )

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