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Comments on evil_d

'Murica approved.Murica08-26-14
Sorry I lit that fart that caught yer head on fireiconoclastic10-13-13
Too, too awesomeZMannZilla02-10-11
Without evil, there is no goodfour_legged_tripod01-25-11
Diabolically good!100Faces10-02-10
Here's your 5th Star! Great stuff too!Beeko18006-28-09
Master of penguin comedy.DrMorton04-19-09
additional generic compliment!RCCOLAMAN04-04-09
Sure doesn't suck!AngryAmerican04-03-09
"Good" vote #40, all deserved. I love the d.Aylear03-23-09
Very Funny, Haha.LittleRocker03-17-09
many laughs!areallystupidguy10-22-08
Build the foundationHumpenstein10-06-08
Winner of CC402!christopher7murphy10-01-08
Rated good, for reminding me of Chuck Berrylima09-15-08
Funny stuff.kane274201-31-08
Gentle in bed.ObiJo12-26-06
I like the Deftones, too.Zimri11-03-06
Evil DinosaursHotRodDeathToll01-13-06
So funny it's sinfulHCRoyall09-20-05
A Hazy MemoryArtemisStrong09-16-05
Yeah awfulSiegfried102706-05-05
good vibrationscpausti05-01-05
how did I not rate you yet?little_kitty03-21-05
i rate you in the "chocotastic group"BigFrank10503-08-05
erect evil_d!possums03-07-05
good, not evilCHUBBY02-03-05
Head to head in Comic Cup 6! He's da man.fuzzyman01-26-05
Evil_D is on the Mix come on KICK IT!crabby01-02-05
should be the next Popeumfumdisi12-28-04
Funny stuff!Injokester12-25-04
behold the wonder of these masterpiecesniteowl12-24-04
Fnord! -Ivyivytheplant08-11-04
The bluest eyes in Texasandydougan06-18-04
Veeblefetzer ain't got nothin' on you - MikeyGMikeyG04-08-04
He's slightly better than Hitler.boinky3302-27-04
The comments below are fortunately trueMatchbook_Romance11-13-03
Better than Sunny DSpankling07-22-03
Love him or hate him, he's still funnier than yoummyers07-11-03
One of my favorites.attitudechicka06-30-03

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