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YIELD, a superb game for boys, Yield involves one person (or possibly more, four- and five-player Yield still being in the developmental stages) attempting to balance for as long as possible by supporting himself upon the shoulders of two others as they walk along. The first one to ‘yield’ is the loser. Yield is catching on around the world, and is an excellent, wholesome and enjoyable way for young lads to pass the time and build up their upper body strength, and the cry of, “comin’ out for a game of yield, Howard?” can now be heard from Lochranza to Ahmedabad.
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sorry bout last nite. dont wanna b nasty 2 u or make this hard it's just that i really need 2 sort out what im thinking. dont wanna start making any decisions while my heads in the clouds.
hope ur ok and things r going well 4 u.
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