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"Actually, it's rather funny, but don't tell anyone I said that." -RandomComicLayoutGuy

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by atomiclunch
The whole demographic is fading. We need to replenish it! We need more disgruntled, grouchy, cantankerous old white farts!
I have a plan! Lemme borrow Kellyanne.
Hey Rags! The president needs YOU! It's time to bring back the boomers! Not feeling particularly gruntled, are ya?
I don't DO gruntled, 'Lunch. And what's Conway doing here with you?
"I know the tortoise thing had ya down, so I got you some action AND a purpose! Make me proud, sauce boy!"
C'mon flattop, let's hit the sheets! We have a generation to rebuild!
Oh grim? GRIM? HELP!
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atomiclunch says:
posted Jan 12th ( permalink )

JoeBlough says:

Whoa! Kellyanne never looked so good! hubba hubba!
posted Jan 12th ( permalink )

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