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Still getting calm and calamity confused.

*I make slice of life comics about my own life. Most of my comics are word-for-word conversations. Most.*

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by attitudechicka
Hi, Cable Company? Yes I just recieved a bill here for $150 and I was wondering what contributed to these charges.
Well, it looks like you have some installation charges on your bill.
Okay, so why did I give your installation guys $150 last week for installation, then?
We show that we recieved that payment.
No. I mean, if there's installation charges on my current bill, what was that check last week for?
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themushroom says:

...third base!
posted Jul 20th, 2007 ( permalink )

shank says:

thieving assholes
posted Sep 1st, 2007 ( permalink )

1dog2 says:

worth reading
posted Dec 10th, 2008 ( permalink )

ftc says:

(I) Found That Comic (funny).
posted Aug 22nd, 2009 ( permalink )

umfumdisi says:

i've had much the same problem recently. this comic sums up the situation perfectly!
posted Oct 21st, 2009 ( permalink )

Pandeist says:

How very true....
posted Nov 23rd, 2014 ( permalink )

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