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Ask me about knives.

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by boorite
Dear Colin: Having left a turd of astonishing diameter lodged in your commode, and with no way to flush it, I found my only recourse was to escape through the window.
I apologize for my rudeness. I am sure you are wondering what sort of monster could produce such a specimen and then leave it there for you to deal with.
I have been wondering the same thing myself, and have developed the habit of avoiding looking directly into mirrors.
Anyway, my disappearance notwithstanding, I hope the dinner party proceeded along pleasant lines...
...although I imagine that rendering the flat's only toilet a stinking horror might have created a bump or two.
Yours, Russell Crowe.
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HCRoyall says:

Oh, how I miss thee, boorite.
posted Dec 8th, 2008 ( permalink )

thochaos says:

How ironic, what with Russell Crowe being a turd of astonishing diameter himself...
posted Jan 23rd, 2009 ( permalink )

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