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by crm
Jim is as usual trying to pick up somebody at a party using the famous "let her talk"-strategy.
...and then I said bla bla bla and then SHE said bla bla and you should have seen the look on her face bla bla bla
Hmm... I wonder how big my chances are of scoring. She's smiling, that's a good sign. She has nice teeth, too.
...and I asked her bla bla bla she said bla bla and God, was that ironic bla bla bla while he had seen her bla bla bla. Isn't that funny?
I wonder how often she smiles. Maybe she grins at guys all the time? Yeah, she probably sleeps around. With ugly guys. In fact, she's probably happy to have found a handsome guy like me for a change.
You look like a turd.
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