comics with Curt Kobain of NIRVANA fame in them

by daddydoright
Wowwww.. cool! Curt Kobain from Nirvana! Man! Like I'm a huge fan! It's so cool to meet you! I've always wanted to hang out and party with you! Your music is so cool and I really dig your cool lyrics.
Dude! For starters this is a dream! And for second! If it wasn't, I wouldn't be hanging out with a **** like you! Your just an ex-jock, alkeey, poser who wears blacks t-shirts to be cool!
I don't get it Curt?? You seem so cool in your videos? I bought all your CDs'! I know all the lyrics!!
How about this one! (Sings) "He knows all the words and likes to sing along, but don't know what I mean when I say yahhhhhh!!"
Huh? Oh yahhhh!!!!! I never really got that part! I thought you were joking. What does that mean anyway?!!
Jeez! Nevermind! (then whispers).. "How pathetic."

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