comics with Curt Kobain of NIRVANA fame in them

by daddydoright
Hi! Welcome to HAPPY HEART ATTACK home of the world's greasy-est burgers! Can I take your order please?
Yahh. Hey! Wait a minute! Anyone ever tell you that you look alot like Curt Kobain from NIRVANA?
Yaah! I get that alot! But didn't he mysteriously die in an apparent suicide from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head which apparently didn't have much blood found at the scene!
And didn't they say that they found a handwriting sample in Courtney Love's possesion that showed she had been practicing how to forge Curt's handwriting for the suicide note?
Yaah! But he forgot to take his bank book with him which would make him very, very broke just about now. So he would have to take any job he could find.
I'll take a number seven and keep the change Curt!

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