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The end is nigh!

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by deathtoradio
How did we ever find things before some uber nerds dreamed up Google in their parents garage.
Yeah, really, we had to resort to looking under rocks like some kind of savage cave people and ****...all painting buffalo on the cave walls and what not.
I couldn't find my socks the other day. And Google was all "try behind the couch." And then proceeded to produce a Google map plotting a course to the nether regions of said couch.
And I bet Google was right on the money.
Hell yeah. Am I not wearing socks today?
They sure as hell look like socks.
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crackpanther says:

posted Dec 8th, 2007 ( permalink )

boloboffin says:

posted Dec 28th, 2007 ( permalink )

LuckyGuess says:

Socks are for winners.
posted May 6th, 2008 ( permalink )

Skin says:

posted Jun 6th, 2008 ( permalink )

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