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Most of the recent strips star Matt 'n Pete, the Li'l Sociopaths. Here's the cast:

Matt, aka Ezrael: The guy in the hockey mask. Scholar and bon vivant. Likes include Superman and smiting the wicked. Dislikes include humans and other carbon-based life forms. Not overly fond of clowns.

Pete, aka deucepm: The dude in the tiki mask. Renaissance geek. Harbors a deep, unnatural lust for Willow Rosenberg. Do not give him sharp objects.

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by deucepm
A lady by the name of Min was sure her looks would lead to sin. shall I tame my sinful flesh?
She used our special creamy tin and cut off every bit of skin!
Woooo! Much better! I'm a sunbeam for Jesus!
It really did raise quite a din. Perma-Shave! Yang to your yin!
I'm ****ing freezing.
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