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Most of the recent strips star Matt 'n Pete, the Li'l Sociopaths. Here's the cast:

Matt, aka Ezrael: The guy in the hockey mask. Scholar and bon vivant. Likes include Superman and smiting the wicked. Dislikes include humans and other carbon-based life forms. Not overly fond of clowns.

Pete, aka deucepm: The dude in the tiki mask. Renaissance geek. Harbors a deep, unnatural lust for Willow Rosenberg. Do not give him sharp objects.

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by deucepm
I'm sorry, your computer is out of warranty. If you want me to help you, it'll cost both your legs.
"But?" Did you just say "but?" Now it's gonna cost your first born, all your worldly goods and a big sloppy *******.
Listen, *****, you don't seem to understand. I am your God now. Now if you want tech support, you're gonna have to give oral to my mom and dad while wearing a frog suit.
Was money even a possibility?
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