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by edoggydog
I'm making swordfish for dinner...
Unffortunately, it's only about half cooked so far...
When will it be ready?
"In about 45 minutes after I rotate ends."
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bigworm says:

She's a passive-aggresive youth counselor who should know by now that a fishy smell can be a tip-off that a douche is needed, especially after spending the majority of her days licking all that stinking young high-school snatch, especially with the girls track team. It's my guess that he won't wanna' have sex tonight. The least she could have done was to have cooked the genitalia end first before he got home. Honest to God, I used to want her to give me a bj but not anymore 'cus I can't stand it when my **** smells like fish. Her problem is she just doesn't give things the kind of thought they deserve.
posted Oct 9th ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

posted Oct 10th ( permalink )

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