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by evil_d
Meanwhile, back at the Committee Hearing....
If I have the story straight, "All your base are belong to us" was a poor English translation of some originally Japanese dialog in an old NES game.
As far as I know, the phrase gained widespread public attention last year when it was featured on a web site full of similarly bad translations.
This site has since disappeared, but if you run a web search for "zany video game quotes", you'll probably find its former addresses.
Why this phrase in particular became popular, instead of any of the many other humorously bad translations on the site, is anyone's guess. My research didn't suggest anything.
Well tarnation, all this blabberin' ain't helpin' me none! Is 'e pleadin' guilty or not guilty?
I've told you before, Senator Thurmond, this is *not* a criminal trial! And for god's sake, please stop trying to plant that flag everywhere!
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