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"Orange Soda" is about 2 guys at a bar drinking and telling profane stories.

Kind of like my life but a lot more dick jokes.

"Orange Soda" is a really dumb name for a comic series but I'm stuck with it now for better or for worse.

I was the winner of 2 competitions -- Begin The Comic # 22 and Comic Competitions # 312 and # 341

Every single comic now comes with running commentary (in the "comments" section durr.)

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by finn34
Okay... if I'm right, Debbie's desk should be right above this spot...
Hold it right there!
Were you seriously planning on dropping this here ceiling on that nice young lady by the name of Debbie? The one in accounting?
She did bring a fruitcake to the potluck...
Aye, drop away, my son.
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